LtN Chinese Melanosporum Truffles

Major differences between newly discovered black winter truffle and Tuber Indicum

We discovered tuber melanosporum in China in 2018,  in a place far away from traditional Chinese truffles habitat. Its super quality in aroma and texture makes it totally different from Yunnan truffles. Also its season of maturity is much earlier than Yunnancounterparts; What are Chinese truffles?  through us you will know many inside knowledge...

In the process of exporting this new species to Hong Kong, Dubai, and Europe, China customs tested these truffles and confirmed they are of Tuber Melanosporum.
An announcement
 The 6th Chinese International Truffle Festival had been successfully concluded on Dec. 2, 2019 in Yongren County 
In Memory of the 6th Chinese International Truffle Festival 2018. Yongren County. Yun nan Province.
Ladies in ethnic attire presenting contestant truffles.
Foreign judge found her first Chinese truffle after the
Domestic and foreign experts dutifully judge the merits of
each truffle in competition.
Gourmet chefs showing their truffles dishes to celebrate this occasion.
A photo to preserve the memory, and look forward to seeing you again next year.