LtN Chinese Melanosporum Truffles

Major differences between newly discovered black winter truffle and Tuber Indicum
We are truffle hunters, and this company (Sichuan Doho Foods Co., Ltd.) exports the best Chinese truffles to Hong Kong, Dubai, Singapore and Europe. Also we provide truffles to the finest restaurants and hotels in China.
We have all necessary credentials to carry out domestic
and international tradings and exported a lot of truffles.
Sichuan Doho Foods Co., has sent the best truffles from China to many Europe countries such as Spain, France, Italy (not directly), Britan; also Southeast Asia countries, the Middle East, Hong Kong and Macau. In case you have any questions/Inquiry, please do not hesitate to ask us by filling in the forms below; we will reply you very soon.
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Our products are mainly super quality Melanosporum truffles,
summer truffles, white truffles; and other wild mushrooms.
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We deeply understand, your business prosperity is the base
upon which we can survive. We will be as supportive to you
as possible. Not totally for business sake, we cherish the
friendship and mutual understanding developed over time.
Domestically, We have provided quality products to French Embassy, Kempinsky, Conrad Hotel, numerous Italian, French andSpanish restaurants in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangdong, and
Hong Kong. Also we have exported truffles to Europe.
We will expand many folds more this year in 2020.
French Embassy in Beijing
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Sichuan Truffle Hunters Co., Ltd.
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Sichuan Province, P. R. China. 617000
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