LtN Chinese Melanosporum Truffles
Major differences between newly discovered black winter truffle and Tuber Indicum



Brief introduction of Sichuan Doho Foods Co., Ltd.

Based on high altitude Tibetan region of Qinghai-Tibet plateau, featuring super quality newly discovered melanosporum truffles, Sichuan Doho Foods Co., exports to Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and sells to high-end hotels and restaurants domestically.

One,    Featured produce:

For the first time in Chinese truffle history, our truffle hunters team discovered a super quality black winter truffles in a non-traditional truffle habitat, which later were tested and confirmed by China Customs Inspection and Quarantine Bureau to be Tuber Melanosporum. This species of truffles come with the strongest aroma intensity and display the greatest cross-section texture we had ever witnessed as experienced truffle hunters; and are strikingly different from Yunnan Tuber Indicum from many aspects.

Sichuan Doho Foods harvest other wild mushrooms such as:   wild morels, matsutakes, chanterelles, Amanita Caesarea, Boletus of various genus.

TwoMain partners

We currently work with Mandarin Oriental Shanghai, Waldorf Astoria Shanghai, Kempinski Hotel Shanghai, Kempinski Hotel Beijing, Kempinski Hangzhou, French Embassy Beijing, Mammafiore, 8 1/2 Otto e Mezzo BOMBANA Shanghai etc...

Three,   Business Model and characteristics:

We are based on the aboriginal habitats in Tibetan regions to work directly with our local hunters, send wild delicacy by SF express Airmail cold logistic chain directly to our end clients, thus ensuring the highest possible freshness and cost-effectiveness (there are no agents or brokers involved in all process)

Four, Contact Means:


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